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Lake Winnebago NNYC Race 2015

Sailonline is pleased to join Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club (NNYC) again this year in hosting the annual Lake Winnebago Race in Wisconsin, USA.

NNYC is kicking off it’s 151st season of promoting the sport of sailing on Lake Winnebago, making it one of the oldest yacht clubs in the USA. It is winter on Lake Winnebago, but there is plenty of sailing action, with local ice boating events and helping to prepare for the World Ice and Snow Yachting Championships in February at Fond du Lac.

NNYC members will be on hand in the chat area during the Sailonline race to share information about the local area, winter and share stories of both summer and winter sailing on Lake Winnebago. Also, please check in at NNYC’s Facebook Page to say hello and get additional information about the club and the lake.

The Sailonline race will open for practice on Tuesday, January 27, and race start is at 1500utc on Saturday, January 31, 2015.

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Kerguelen CanCan TIMED Race 2015 - RESULTS

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Race Leaderboard

The Kerguelen course was first created in October 2013 when there was a “need for speed” for a TIMED race and the perennially strong yet changeable winds of the Southern Oceans proved most attractive. The course around the suitably named “Desolation Islands” can be challenging and not always predictable, so that the extra time offered in this first TIMED race of the 2015 Championship could easily lull the unwary into thinking there would always be a chance for success. There were, in fact, several opportunities for good runs but only one for an optimal time, so our podium three are to be congratulated on finding the sweet starting time and beating their competition to the top positions! Bravo guys.


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Race to Up Helly Aa 2015

We are delighted to once again be partnered with Promote Shetland for the running of Sailonline’s race to Up Helly Aa:

Shetland is a group of about 100 islands off the NE coast of the British mainland, as close to Norway as they are to Aberdeen in Scotland. The islands have been inhabited for about 5000 years and have to this day retained many of the traditions and customs of those who lived there. Little is known about the original Pictish people as they appear to have been displaced when the Vikings arrived in the 700s. Over many years the Viking and Scandinavian influence was strengthened and it was only in the 15th century that rule over the islands was handed to Scotland by the King of Norway as part of his daughter's dowry.

The modern fire festivals are intended to recapture a little of that Viking influence but are actually a relatively new tradition, first being celebrated in Lerwick in the 19th century. These days Up Helly Aa is a fairly riotous and colourful fire festival and the streets of Lerwick fill with "guizers" - groups of people in themed disguise - and the Jarl Squad (the Vikings)!!

Up Helly Aa Beginners Guide
Shetland Webcams

Sailonline’s Race:
Sailonline will be racing Elan 410s from Aberdeen to Lerwick, starting on Sunday, 25 January @ 1000utc, via the Moray Firth and then past and around several of the islands of Shetland with the intention of arriving in Lerwick for 27 January where a warm and fire-y Shetland welcome awaits! The race will open for practice on Sunday, 18 January.

Click for information about sailing in and around the Shetland Isles

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Lake Winnebago NNYC Race 2015
Welcome to 151st race of the Neenah-Nodaway YC. This is a 50nm race over near-frozen waters of Lake Winnebago. Starting at Neenah on the Northwest corner of the lake, we proceed anticlockwise along the shore, passing the harbors of Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Pipe and High Cliff before returning to Neenah.
Race #786
Chartby brainaid.de
WX Updates: 0245 / 0845 / 1445 / 2045
Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Jan 31st 15:00 Registration Open!

SWR2014-2015 Leg 3 - Abu Dhabi to Sanya
Welcome to the third of nine legs of the 2014-2015 Sailonline World Race in a 65 foot ocean racer! We sail from Abu Dhabi to Sanya, a leg with many obstacles and varying winds. Without a doubt one of the toughest courses to sail.
Race #787
Chart from brainaid.de
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
SOL Classic Client
Race starts: Jan 03rd 17:00 Registration Open!

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