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16 June 2017

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PARABÉNS Alexandria!! GRATTIS Tjaldur!


The Ornö runt is a well-established yacht race in Sweden, raced usually towards the end of May, so Sailonline’s version of this event, raced as a TIMED race this time, was not too far adrift in time from the real event. With the choice of the Mini 6.50 as our boat this year, there was going to be no chance of record-beating – until 2014 Sailonline always raced this course in the brilliant Seacart 30 as a fast-paced Swedish archipelago “mayhem” event, but since 2014 the SRC has forgone record-breaking in favour of our trialling different boats on-course. The winds were pretty decent this year, but there really was only one opportunity for success, on 7 June, and the top 39 yachts all started during the morning of that day. Our podium three started within 18mins of each other with our winner, Smo, actually starting latest of the three! Many congratulations to all in our top spots!

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SYC Ranking

  1. Sailonline Yacht Club Member bonknhoot
  2. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Alexandria
  3. Sailonline Yacht Club Member longreacher
  4. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rumskib
  5. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Kipper1258
  6. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rafa
  7. Sailonline Yacht Club Member SimeMali
  8. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Billy
  9. Sailonline Yacht Club Member knockando60
  10. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Dingo

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