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5 March 2018

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MAITH AN FEAR bonknhoot!! CONGRATULATIONS Patrick70119!

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Sailonline’s race from Stockholm to St Petersburg dates back to the earliest days of the platform when it first ran as the (sponsored) Ericsson Team Challenge in February 2009 and was raced in our trusty original VO70 – it was immediately followed by a TIMED version of the event as it had proved so popular. Including our recent race, the course has only been run on three other occasions – twice in VO70v4s and once in … wait for it… Seacarts! Needless to say our beautiful J130s this time didn’t break any records timewise, but has to have been one of our most fun races recently as the deceptively straightforward course and not hugely variable conditions really contributed to the competitive spirit overall among racers flying the flags of 32 nations.

As is now customary, the time-gaps between the top finishers were split seconds – our podium winner and number two just ahead of a group of three SOLers, each of which might have grabbed that third spot. Do check out the leaderboard to see just how closely things were. Congratulations to our podium for a superb race and a BIG thank you to all three of them for submitting reports for this blogpost. Good job all round guys!

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