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9 July 2019

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SSANZ (LiveSailDie) made a video:

The start of the first race in the SSANZ Two-handed Triple Series is a bit like returning home to a favourite place in the world. Even though most of us may never find ourselves on the waters off Auckland in our lifetimes, racing in the waters of New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf is simply great fun! Sailonline is a regular buddy with SSANZ for many of its races, while the classic Triple Series also sees us linked with the Young 88 Association which, this time put up a significant entry – ideal competition for us in our virtual Young 88s! one of Sailonline’s all-time favourites.

Starting in New Zealand’s morning, this series is one that should favour those not in a European time zone but, we have some stout-hearted and indomitable racers right across the world for whom racing at all hours (and housekeeping preset delay commands) is part of who they are. Virtual racers flying the flags of 26 nations took part and our podium three this time represent three continents, coming from Finland, Peru and Australia!

The real fleet was tracked via Predictwind and this gave a sense of just where we and our virtual Young 88s were in the field, and it appeared that their exit from Auckland was favoured with an outgoing tide as they made excellent initial progress. The SSANZ Results show that the best corrected time for the Young 88 start, S/Y Split Decision was 5h18m14s (elapsed: 7h40m24s) while our winner, ij, arrived at the finish in 6h14m01s. The locals win!

Congratulations must go as always to our podium for such a great beginning to the 2019 series!

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