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24 November 2019


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For the eighth time Sailonline’s Race Committee has picked for us the brilliant race following the migration route of the NE Pacific gray whales and this was the fifth time we have undertaken the autumn migration from the gray whale icy feeding grounds north of the Aleutians in the Bering Sea to their warm water Mexican breeding grounds. This time, we were back in our trusty 90ft Monohull which, with the Super Maxi 100, has proved a boat of choice for these migration races. Speedier by far than last year’s luxurious Falkun!

The race, as always, felt to be in three parts –Bering Sea to Middleton Island, coast-hugging from Middleton Island to Cape Blanco Offshore mark, and then the free run down to Mexico’s Isla Magdalena. Since we last raced, it would have been clear to us, were we there in reality that the condition of the sea for our much slower Gray Whale companions would have been as polluted and plastic strewn as before. Despite increasing awareness of the destructive impact of humanity on our marinelife and the oceans, progress towards recovery remains an almost-impossible dream but one that is, thankfully, pursued with passion by those recognising the future of mankind on our blue planet is dependent upon our helping nature restore its balance.

Gray whales average 5kts an hour and can often be seen stooging around in specific locations on their way south, providing wonderful close-up in-reality whale viewing opportunities,particular for those racers who find themselves taking planned and unintended BBQs ashore and the pursuit of new activities, such as the “Smorca Whale Watching Tours” and “Paddling Whale” (you know who you are!).

No such problems beset our excellent podium three, who fought off tough competition from a fleet flying the flags of 38 different nations, to arrive within minutes of each other. Many congratulations, guys!

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