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Cool and handy piece of SW, thank's kroppyer! I especially like the house pet;)
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right.
Thanks, kroppyer! Very useful when using small screen devices
karriv, thanks! Don't forget to feed and walk the bear once in a while :)

StuArt, I hadn't thought about that! Are there any parts that do not work properly on small screen devices? The calculator, for example, wasn't really designed to fit on a small screen.

There will be new/better versions. So if you have any thoughts for improvements in a new version, don't hesitate to tell me.
More than a year has passed and a new version is now ready for you to try out: v1.2rc (download).

This version has some exciting new features. For one, you can now log in to sol using SPINNACER, and SPINNACER will automatically download the polar for you. When you log in, some other features will be enabled too, wind synchronisation in the polar calculator, and an autopilot that steers the optimal VMC angle, even when TWS or TWD changes.
Performance loss is now included in the calculator, among with some DC planning options.
You can also import and export new file formats, and edit or create new polars. I have used SPINNACER to create the OD65 polar.

I updated the guide a little, but I will write some more about tricks to get the best out of spinnacer. Some subjects:
- pinch a little or two quick tacks?
- When tacking/gybing along the coast, how long should you wait until tacking back, to minimise performance penalty and maximise the advantage of the shift?
- Creating polars with SPINNACER
- Planning a route with SPINNACER
- Using the SPINNACER VMC autopilot

If you find any bug or weird behaviour, let me know.

--- Last Edited by kroppyer at 2015-04-10 23:24:28 ---
Viva Huib,

Thank you for your new version of SPINNACER.
Tried to install it and a nice message "Could not find ..." (see included file) saluted me.

Any clue to solve this, pls Huib?

Windows 7 OS, 64 bit, Java v.6, update 45, build 1.6.0_45_b06.
Sail Fair.
That is weird (it should look for spinnacer.SPINNACER, an "n" is missing). Anyone else having the same error?

I'll see if I can take a look at it Monday. It's been tested on java 8, java 7 should work just fine too. Java 6 is getting old (though still perfectly fine to use in most occasions), so I didn't really test on java 6. Maybe that's the problem (though, weird way of the computer to tell us...), if you don't need java 6 for anything else, I'd recommend you update to java 7 or 8 (even if not for SPINNACER).
Viva Huib,

Good morning.

The reason for using the java v6 was an issue with the brainaid nmea proxy conection. I've made the upgrade from 6 to 7 and immediately I had to downgrade for that reason.
Now, if the nmea works with 7 (?) and/or 8 (?) no problema for upgrading java.
By the contrary.
If you know that nmea will work with the last java v. the best and simple solution - upgrading - most probably will also solve the SPINNACER instalation issue and no need for you waisting more time on this one.

Say from your justice.

Thank you Huib.
Sail Fair.
Viva Huib,

Problem solved with the upgrade from 6 to the last version.

Thank you again Huib.
Sail Fair.

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