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Board » General Discussion » Converting a QtVLM route to brainaid DCs

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The dates need to be in English, so "arv." is not recognised. The solution is to get QtVLM to export the routes in English.

I have quickly added an option that might help you. You can use this link (so long your DCs are in april): http://sol.kroppyer.nl/qtvlm2dc/?date_regex=/avr\./&date_replace=apr
It automatically replaces "arv." by "apr" in the date field.

This is a quick and dirty solution, and it won't work for many cases, just when "avr." needs to be replaced by "apr". But I can give a link to replace practically anything by anything else, when you have a new file that doesn't work.

At some point I might add some kind of language support for dates, but right now you either need to supply English dates, or you need to use the work-around.
Hello kropper
A big thank you it works with the link you gave
Again thank you and good race
Jean Pierre said SHINBLUE
Ok thank you very much!
I have the permanent solution : modified système preferences langage & text--> United kingdom (Royaume Uni) exportation and come back to French preferences! OUF!

--- Dernière modification par Amiral29 le 2016-04-04 12:59:36 ---
I've heard from people that in this new month QtVLM may use "maj" instead of "may", causing the date conversion to fail.

I've updated the converter to automatically translate
"avr." to "apr";
"mai" and "maj" to "may"

So this link should work for you: http://sol.kroppyer.nl/qtvlm2dc/

(Tech note: the date_regex and date_replace variables can still be used to override these translations to something else, when the new month comes for example)

--- Last Edited by kroppyer at 2016-05-04 10:53:28 ---
qtvlm 5.3-4
If you export a route to .cvs in qtvlm no longer the name of the month is exported but the number. That's nice but be sure that in the qtvlm configuration screen your choice of day/month or month/day is right.

using brainaids dc-editor there is a big difference between
08/05/2016 22:26:00 cc 100
05/08/2016 22:26:00 cc 100

my excel macro's worked because
08 mei 2016 was recognized as date where mei 08 2016 was not.
Conversion to 2016/05/08 was somewhat different for both.

If I choose in Qtvlm day/month all works well.

If you use
you no longer have to worry about the maj, may, mai or whatever this month is called in your language..

(in my excel macro i plan to check whether todays month number is te same as qtvlm's month.. )

--- Last Edited by krimpvrij at 2016-05-09 14:10:52 ---
I think I'm reading my converter works with the new qtvlm date format?

Be sure to let me know when it fails (if possible, send me the file that makes it fail). I haven't tested with the new qtvlm date format, so double check the output dates.
two files
one working (qtvlm month/day)
and one not working (qtvlm day/month)

--- Last Edited by krimpvrij at 2016-05-09 15:43:53 ---
After changing to version 5.3-7, I now get the date format as yyyy/dd/mm? Qtvlm shows correct format on route details as dd/mm/yyyy any suggestions please
Ah, miss-read thanks, changed setting to month/day & it seems to be working thanks krimp

Your setup should look like this:

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