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It is my pleasure to announce a new iPhone/iPad client app for Sailonline, currently in beta testing.

If you would like to sign up for the beta test, you can join using this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/hHkN9079

This will prompt you to download Apple’s beta testing platform, TestFlight. Once you have that, click the link above to activate the invitation.

I am one of the many people who have recently discovered Sailonline due to a canceled race that moved online (Newport-Bermuda in my case). I found the implementation great, and wanted to contribute something to the platform. Since no iOS client was available, and I’ve dabbled in this area in the past, I’ve started working on this and … you can see how far I’ve gotten.

While there’s much to be done still, I think there’s a reasonable amount implemented so far so you can test it out. Please let me know what issues you run into, and what features you’d like implemented next!

Please note iOS v 13.0 or later is required for this beta.

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Hi Dan,
I'm in - and it looks good to start with.
My top wishes will be:

Able to make own Boat list
Shift from barbs to arrows
Clearer predictor line or sharper contrast.

Thanks so far ....


--- Last Edited by SKOVSER at 2020-08-20 17:52:02 ---
Ha ha ha - just discovered settings .....


--- Last Edited by SKOVSER at 2020-08-20 17:48:58 ---
Dark mode has better contrast, too, try it out (set your device to Dark Mode in the Settings app, in Display & Brightness)
New version (1.8) should be available on TestFlight around Aug 24 12:00z, given Apple's past submission approval timeline.

New in this release:
- colored wind arrows and barbs
- NMEA broadcaster (enable in Settings)

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Next version (1.8.5) coming out as soon as Apple approves. New features:
- Favorites in Standings: you can select your favorite boats by clicking on their star; click the half-star at the top to flip between all and favorites only, both in the Standings and on the map. Favorites apply to all races
- Steering polar around the boat: pick when and how big from Settings
Now we are heading to the small islands, I see small white "spots" and small black drawing of islands according to SOL chart. I assume that we have to avoid the white spots as well?
Depends. If you're IRL, avoid the real islands. If you're SOL, only need to avoid the black map outlines, that's the official course coastline. The SOL maps are not as high resolution as Apple or Google maps.

(In Dark Mode, the SOL map is the white lines)

--- Last Edited by VIbex at 2020-09-10 16:50:40 ---
Thanks Dan,
Looking forward to race in high-res then (as we do in some races) ...
Excellent app!

On my iphone, to enter a course, it doesn't allow me to input the decimal point. The numeric keypad that shows to input a course has a comma and not a point.

The density of wind barbs with the high resolution wx makes the screen too crowded.


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