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Board » Technical Support » Bug cape² race

Sorry, I'm little at english

I think there is a bug, I see only my boat and nobody other, on the map and on the "Classification"
Bug or April Fools joke, that is the question.

--- Last Edited by Ghibli at 2010-04-01 22:47:10 ---
to be honest....
whatever has happen I liked it
I would propose to have "stealth mode" for every start or may be only on the long race and then make the boats visible after 5% of the distance or something like this, depending from the race lenght...
just an impression/suggestion.
Good wind to all

ops, sorry was me, boat sitting ghibli....

--- Last Edited by Gilles at 2010-04-01 22:45:54 ---
You could certainly see the potential - and lots of positive comments in chat. Not unanimous by any means, but a good opportunity to see how it looks and discuss.

Change the update interval to 6 hours or so (maybe with the weather?) for an ocean race? Still get to see the fleet but same feel as yesterday's start...

+Line of sight from your boat, marks and the finish... hehe
and disable the Google Earth thing too, then it will really keep everyone in the dark...

Was very interesting to see who had gone where once someone said the GE tracker was working, but even more so if only every 6 hours or some other time, like a regular radio sched.
I really like the idea of some kind of stealth mode for the beginning of races. The same subject came up in VR, where many people simply follow the leaders. This would force people to develop their own strategy and not just follow the players with the best records. I don't mean this as an accusation, I really don't know how others make decisions as to route.

This stealth start idea would have the most impact on long courses, especially ones like this race with no waypoints forcing the fleet to come back together along the way. But I think it would be a good idea for all races. Deciding on the initial course is one of the most critical decisions in sailboat racing, and I think it would be really exciting to be in the dark until we are all committed to a route.

Of course this is all very easy for me to say. I don't have to do the programming for the game. But is sure is a great idea in my opinion.
I have said in the past that one of my motivations to participate on SOL is to learn and to that end the tracks are very important.
The idea of starting the race on stealth mode is very appealing to me. At some point a pilot student needs to fly solo in order to get his/hers certification.
But please don’t take this post as anything other than Monday morning cheap talk.
SOL has been a great fun for me as is and I hope my RL schedule permits to see my boat on the starting line for many races to come.

Antonio (zero)
Now that SOL has one more software programer at hand (Branaid); I would like to ask how difficult on the time frame necessary to possibly implement the "stealth" mode at the beginning of long races.
The more I think the more I conclude that would be a very cool feature to have.
Offcourse this needs to be in agreement with the wishes of the SOL community. By no means I want to propose something that only I like.
Thanks as always,

--- Last Edited by zero at 2010-04-14 21:22:15 ---

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