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One more request from me. I might have been proposed before though.

A 24 hr period to be used once per race for stealthing the boat should be added to SOL. This mode would hide the boat on the map and in the boat list and the race progress page.

This is the only way to stop the follow the leader (76Trombones) syndrome we have now.
While support for that would be required in the client, it is 'bigger' than just the client - needing not only server support, but general acceptance from the competitors here on SOL (which I doubt it would get).

While blind following is becoming a slight problem on SOL, and 76T is certainly not the only boat to 'lead' - this problem did arise a few years back, and TBH it happens IRL, there is nothing we can really do about it.
Brainaid's NMEA proxy can get fleet data, so can external software I & others have written, so it would require the server to enforce by not sending the data at all for such stealth periods.

All I can really say is, following is not racing, and hopefully those who do it will get sick of it soon, as it surely must detract from the fun of racing on SOL.

Also, there are problems with how you propose it. Who decides which 24hr period? It could end up being a period of little course change (or obvious changes) anyway, so not have the effect you desire. And if it was implemented as 'X hrs per day' - even if spread over 2 or more periods, it would advantage some timezones and disadvantage others.

Short answer... There is nothing that can be done about 'blind following'.
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
And I thought it would be easy ;-)

My intention for the 24hrs period is that each user can click a button once during the race, thus probably selecting the most strategic time. After that the button is remaining blanked until reaching the goal.

Sorry to hear it's impossible :(
Well - I should probably draw attention that I meant - Stealth of some-sort would mostly solve it - but it needs community support to, which I am doubtful it would get if put to a vote - although the other thread on this topic may indicate otherwise...
It is not impossible, just - well, complicated

Also, these threads are to publish what is new with a client update, and discuss those new features - should probably start another thread for this, as Ita has ;-)
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
Hmmmmm, out on the water (real water) seems to me that one of the major strategies is stay with/cover your competition. True, virtual sailing doesn't require the boat handling skills of real sailing but that makes this competition even more strategic.

Not speaking for the rest of the fleet but I'm always looking to become better than my competition, that involves watching them carefully and learning "why" they do, not just "what" they do. Eventually you learn to spot the error and take advantage of an opportunity.

I think "stealth mode" interfere with that learning opportunity. I'll tell you, the best competitors I've known are usually willing, even happy, to help someone who wants to learn. It improves their game too.

Just my opinion but it possibly is an indicator of they type of opposition you might see to such a feature.

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