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I just signed up.... and registered for coastal... how do I get setup for the start for the practice race
Hi Gator, welcome.
Just go to the South of the two blue dots (zoom in) and park (twa = 0). Keep watching "sailtalk only" and join in.
The race start exactly at 18:00 UTC.
See you there :-)

--- Last Edited by Danny at 2011-10-19 15:04:48 ---
UTC= Greenwich mean time correct...

UTC = Coordinated Universal Time
In practise: UTC = GMT = Zulu time
thanks guys. heading back to the start line now
AHOY RACERS - by public demand there will be a practice race tonight, Thursday, 20 October as follows:


START: Cross the M1/M5 line from SW to NE

COURSE: Start- Leave M2 to PORT - Leave M3 to PORT - Finish

FINISH: Cross M1/M5 line from N to S

Diagram of course attached for reference.


africa (CRO)
Bobbert (SWE)
Danny (GBR)
ilia (FRA)
Ned Leo (NED)
pierre92 (CAN)
RainbowChaser (GBR)
Rundo (NED)
sadlersailing (GBR)
stoertebaeker (AUT)
ybwVictorious (GBR)


1 africa (CRO)
2 Bobbert (SWE)
3 Danny (GBR)
4 pierre92 (CAN)
5 Ned Leo (NED)

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2011-10-20 19:17:05 ---
Hi RC,
nobody denied that PR races are fun. But during this particiuliar race, everybody agreed how to round. Except #1. It was your turn to say (as race committee) 'DSQ'.
But i regret, you did not.
What a certain sailor said, who does never participate in PR races, that is superfluous and irrelevant for PR race, especially for this race.
Best regards Poco
POCOPBUENO,I am sorry that you are still angry abt that particular race where I followed NOR instead of yr habits in PR.
I did not participate in PR since last winter and did not know yr habits.Prior to that race and almost up to the first mark I was busy doing something else and even started on DC.
Closing the mark I looked at the chat, sow SASSY's remark that I should turn the island.Firstly I thought it is the joke but after the remarks from the others realized you all are going around the island.At that stage it was too late for me to go around the island as would have probably lost 10 pos.at least.Therefor I continued to follow the NOR instructions for the rest of the race.
Definitely I had huge advantage on the others by following NOR and officially there is no way I could be DSQ.
When the habits become the rules,than those rules should be exhibited in order that all be acquainted with them.
I did not follow yr habits as I didn't know them but most probably many others who would sail in PR for 1st would do the same.
Therefor I am not to blame,I am not to be called the cheater as that I am definitely not here and even less in real life.
I shall give you an example of my real life racing the regattas.

Few years ago I participated in the regatta Lignano(ITA)- Portoroz(SLO).There were 180 boats of all classes from maxi to 7.
I was alone on my boat as I like it that way.
I have little(8.7m) but fast boat and in light winds managed to get among top 10 boats which were much greater.How ever in very light winds the fleet was spread 15-20 nm wide as every body looking for better wind.I was the most southern boat as was expecting that sooner or later will start blowing better wind from that direction.The nearest boat was 2 nm far away.
Instead of stronger, wind disappeared completely everywhere.The boats stopped as far as I could take a look,heading in all direction.
We at the top were some way in the middle between Italy and Slovenia.
After two hours in no wind conditions I got fed-up and started my outboard motor with the sails on heading to Portoroz where I live.Not even five minutes later I sow a little darker area on the sea surface to the south.Stopped the motor and hoisted my 110 sqm genaker waiting for that wind to come to me and as it came I went at max speed,under those conditions, towards where I expected more wind to come.The rest of the fleet north of me saw me get the wind and all hoisted the spi or genaker waiting for my wind but too late they got it as I was already in front with always greater wind.I was 1st in Portoroz and second boat a maxi arrived 20 min. later.
I was 1st at the arrival line but did not cross it but went from wrong side of arrival buoy.
The organizer from Italy started shouting to me that I did not cross the line but I continued strait on for 50 mts where is my mooring buoy.Get hold of it moored my boat lowered the sails and went on pier to explain to organizers that I was on motor for 5 minutes and therefor DSQ.

In the evening at the premiations the president of organizing club from Aprilia Maritima(ITA) came to me and told me that rarely anybody could be so honest as I was.He also said that he asked the other top boats if they have seen me starting my engine.Some said they were too far to see me and the closest to me said they only sow me with genaker hanging down and among the crew they laughed abt it and did not care any more abt that small boat.
Now you judge what kind of man I am

btw the above story could be verified at C.V.Aprilia Maritima (Lignano Sabbia D'oro)

Capt D.P.(africa)

--- Last Edited by Capt.D.P. at 2011-10-22 16:18:32 ---

--- Last Edited by Capt.D.P. at 2011-10-22 16:27:46 ---
Hi africa,
that's not me creating 'rules' for PR. You said 'yr habits' i don't have any habits. I just follow the race course as published in words AND picture of race. So it is very clear how to follow the course.
This has nothing to do with IRL rules as posted by others.

But nevertheless thx for your reply.
I understand how you were doing. 'Nobody is perfect' to make mistakes is not unusual.
I am still of the opinion, that 'race committee' failed to handle that situation.
To say later as race committe did 'it's just fun' is a very poor explanation for me.


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