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Why are we not racing parallel to the real races anymore...?
Yeas I know the NZ was a real race but a lot was missed.
The Middle Sea Race is on and we are not in it. A lot of solo/twohand races was missed like the mini transat.. A lot of races has just gone by without any notice. This is one reason I look at other sites for racing and if SOL wants new sailors I think it's a must. All the made up, backyard races are just fine but I think real races should be a priority. This is not as attractive as it ones was...
Why does the SOL Ocean Race start nov 6th when it starts nov 5th everywhere else..?
SWE54 - Usually a month in advance of every month a draft calendar is published in the Race Calendar forum with LOTS of empty spaces in it for folks to make proposals. That is one way to be reminded/catch some of the SOL favourites in time. Each calendar thread by month also has attached to it a list of all the races that have been raced in previous years.

I have also published a SOL Racing Year chart in the Race Calendar forum, with a view,again, to making sure we don't miss out - and, as always, asking for input!

You will see from the Race Proposals forum that there are a lot of yet-to-be-raced races that have been proposed by SOLers.

SO.. the aim of the SOL monthly calendars (and maybe you can help!) is to combine SOL favourites PLUS real races PLUS soler-designs PLUS other specials to make a race calendar that appeals to those who like ocean races, who like short races, who like archipelago races, who like weekday races and who like weekend races all generously scattered around the globe!!


I am not a sailor in real life, for various reasons, hence every draft calendar I produce is always asking for input/suggestions!

Finally, the Sailonline World Race will be starting at the right time!

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2011-10-23 14:18:20 ---
Sorry but I'm not happy with that. If it is up to the sailor what races are to be sailed then it's obvious that the real races are not a priority, and as it has developed it sometimes feels like it is a playground for a selected few. This is not what it once was. I will not continue my membership and will also look elsewhere for real races.
Best of luck.
Hello SWE54,

Sorry to hear from a early SOL sailor and a good friend that you feel this way.

Off course providing shadow races of actual big races is the origin of Sailonline and we will continue to provide those.
We provide a lot of different races and that is why we ask user input to fill up the gaps. This is why there are now also a lot of fictional races around. But most of them even have origins in real races. They are there because we provide way more races then we had in the early days.

If you feel we need to step up the classics then join us to make sure we get even more of those back in.
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
Hi Jeroen,
I would gladly try to help if I could and had the time to spare but I'm already over my head as it is in real life. I have more than once asked about big real races and often wondered why we are not in them even when the races are known and talked about in the chat. Also races we use to do. A lot of races was missed this year and no one seems to care. It's a bit disappointing since this was one of the reasons to use SOL. And another question: Inport races? Are there any this time?
Hi SWE54,

A shame you can not contribute due to time constraints. I certainly know the feeling and try to cram sol in between when ever I can as well.

We do care about the big classics though, like I said before they where and still are the basis if Sailonline. Things did however become more difficult over time and we have to tread very lightly with some of these races. Big sponsors and our competitors have proven to be very happy to slap us on the wrist. You may remember the Fastnet madness we have gone through. It won't stop us but certainly made it a lot tougher.

As far as In-port races, no plans for those have been made so far, but we can always throw in a few if there is a demand. I will put my efforts on running the main race as I am real busy myself as well.

--- Last Edited by Jeroen Tiel at 2011-10-24 20:59:47 ---
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
I interpret your "objections" as "too few emulations of/simultaneous runs with" IRL-races, frustration added by "lack of time/more important things to do" as well as by "increasingly tougher competition". IMO a bit of "sour grapes" to turn that against "SOL not being as SOL used to be".

Basically sad to say good bye to a sharp competitor, but good riddance AFAIC, and good luck!

Now, whether correspondence with IRL-races has been a major objective of SOL is not in my database, and has not (AFAIK) been explicitly announced by SOL-gods.
I've been wondering why a race "in the archives" i.e. already planned ones has priority over IRL and other races, but I personally get no added pleasure from racing against IRL-boats (maybe even au contraire). IMO it's a total fallacy to imagine that simultaneity with IRL-races is any indicator of skill or otherwise in the real or virtual world.

SOL is a developing organism and RC together with the "reference group" runs SOL with the occasional course correction of the GODs.

BTW - I also feel the pressure from the skills of newcomers (old and new) - it's getting more and more difficult to reach the podium. However, all don't participate in SOL to win a podium, but for whatever reason they have.

Best regards
You are not getting rid of me that easy and besides you are wrong. I'm not in int to win, I'm in it to learn, understand and maintain a level of skills to be used in real life, on a real boat. And if the competition is getting harder it is just a good thing. If I am not first I learn something. Due to little time over for VR sailing I want real races and as there are very few on SOL I will look elsewhere, it's just as simple as that. I would like to have them here but they are not. I'm am the kind of person who is speaking up when I think things are not as the should be. This is such a case. It's a bit disappointing as this is probably the best simulator. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. There are no fingers pointing anywhere, just don't like the way it is developing right now.
Just for information, thus far this year, the real races SOL has run (that weren't being run by Virtual Regatta or ManyPlayers) are as follows:

SOL Buddied Races
races at the same time as the real race
a real race course at a different time

Tasman Double (Syd-Hob-Syd)
Roslagen Sea Race

SSANZ Round North Island Race 2011(into March)

Suedsee Rund

There and Back Again (course of Duecento
Auckland-Tauranga 2011

Aland Sea Race

Texel Race 2011

Tall Ships - Waterford to Greenock Gotland Rund 2011
SSANZ B&G Simrad 50
Tall Ships - Greenock to Lerwick
Tall Ships - Lerwick to Stavanger

Tall Ships - Stavanger to Halmstad
SSANZ B&G Simrad 60;
Tall Ships Culture 1

Race to Mackinac

The Vineyard Race
SSANZ B&G Simrad 100



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