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As per discussion late at night pre-SWR (verse 4, line 2 is particularly important):

we should have a song...

"Oh SOL's most realistic, the others don't compare,
Our polars act like real boats, our weather isn't square,
so come and join a friendly bunch, we'll sail around the gloooooobe!
learn to nav'gate, read the shifts, engage your frontaaaaal lobe."

"If you're going to sail with us you'll have to take your lumps,
look out for sneaky islands and make sure to hop the humps.
Almost guaranteed that accidental gybes you'll see!
you'll learn to pause before you click you'll triple-cheeeeeeck DC"

"Solers are light sleepers we wake in the early morn.
It's not our fault it's NOAA's, thus we deflect spousal scorn.
Each update makes us nervous, must plan for uncertaintyyyyyy,
good luck to those who'd pry us from a Volvo 70"

"Whether you like routing or you sail SOTP,
join us please in sailing and composing silly chants.
And to those who fear for you, they mustn't shed a tear,
you're not lost for evermore, it's only half the year*"

*half-the-year refers only to SWR, SOL may be habit forming, talk to your doctor if you experience motion sickness, social withdrawal, insomnia, muttering pirate lingo, limericks, walking "smooth", "shifty" behaviour, hogging the "covers", tackiness, cursing "teedoubleyouays", nervous giggles

--- Last Edited by 76Trombones at 2011-11-05 15:37:17 ---
This will go down in history - like that poem about daffodils :-)


--- Last Edited by Danny at 2011-11-05 09:01:40 ---
very nice ;-)
"SOL believes in fairness we all sail with the same gear,
you won't pay more for sails or for better ways to steer.
The wind's the same for all of us (might have to hit "refresh").
Odds are good we'd buy you beer if you met us in the flesh.

If you see a course whose intention you can't discern,
be sure to ask us questions SOL is a great place to learn!
Perhaps you have a meeting or you find last minute that
you need some help to stay offshore just ask for help in chat.

Although the competition's tough we'll always lend a hand,
it pains us all quite greatly for a boat to hit the sand.
Soon you'll see that foremost SOL is a most friendly crowd,
So join as we sail the seas and sing a song out loud!"

--- Last Edited by 76Trombones at 2011-11-10 02:02:29 ---
These are BRILLIANT!!!!

"We're used to sailing solo, off the continental shelf,
but have you ever felt that you are talking to yourself?
SOL's a great collective help compose our battle cry!
Find some funny rhymes and add some verses don't be shy!"

--- Last Edited by 76Trombones at 2011-11-18 15:05:43 ---
Dang it - did it again - forgot Chrome remembers last login when I looked in on friends boat, so up there ronny_f = me ;-)
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
what a talent! 76T you rock :-)

edit: just had "God's Song" /Randy Newman in my head when I sung it :)

--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von StuArt am 2011-11-21 16:56:12 ---

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