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I think everybody will agree with me that the newcomers are welcome on this site.
They are to be helped whenever they ask for help.
I noticed that most of us are polite and really help them.There are however some of the players who does not behave that way and otherwise use to offend other players.
This should not happen!

I am sailing, like many others from here also on other good virtual sailing site LS -Live Skipper and many of LS players are also sailing here on SOL as they are two best virtual sailing sites.
I am promoting SOL on LS and look here what I got from one LS players who is actually site representative.

Posted: 11 Jun 2012 18:01
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Level 13
Joined: 01 Nov 2011 Posts: 258 Location: Portoroz,Slovenia SI
Hallberg wrote:
Re: SOL. I tried it a few years ago. It looked ok, I had a go, ok, Then I asked a simple Question in the Chatroom and got a barrage of abuse from 5 players..'Go and read the F...ing manual or go away!'
That's bad attitude. I told them to shove it where the Sun don't shine, Wankers.

That would not Happen in LS. Nuff said.

Russ,I am astonished on what you are saying.When I started there 2 years ago,everybody was willing to help and I myself am always helping newcomers.
There are few of them not polite I and had never contacts with them again.
Could you kindly tell me, if you remember the names of the boats which behaved like that?
Btw what race you were sailing?


For better understanding my boat there is VANNA,and last part of "quote" is my reply to him.

There are however other opinions on SOL there as this:

Posted: 12 Jun 2012 09:14
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Level 13
Joined: 01 Nov 2011 Posts: 258 Location: Portoroz,Slovenia SI
Paradise wrote:
agree with the former speakers that both LS and SOL are far better than VORG.

I think we should try our level best to get players from VORG, once it stops in July , Galway finish and those addicted virtual sailors are looking for a better replacement. That is how I started with LS about 3 years back.

Completely agree with you Paradise,and that's what I did when this VORg edition started.I sent some 50 PMs to the players that VORg is kaka and I proposed at that time(October 2011) to visit SOL.One of those was Fourwinds-Daria.We exchanged few PMs and that's how I came to LS and she said she was sailing at SOL too.
I very often nominate at SOL of very good site LS and I am convinced and had some confirmation that many of SOL players tried LS too.

Close to the end of this edition of VORg shall repeat PMs there and tell them if they like virtual sailing to join LS or SOL or both.I know for sure that it is working as many joined SOL in October and November last year.

Actually I would like to promote fraternizing between two best virtual sailing sites.
For your info Paradise is LS site representative too.

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Thanks africa - I can't imagine anyone nowadays speaking to a newbie in a bad fashion. Hopefully, since I became SOLgoddess nearly 2years ago, there has been a greater enforcement of good manners as I am online a lot and, like my fellow SOL Admins, do not tolerate bad behaviour or language.

Please do invite folks from LS to visit again to revise their opinions!

Well said and good reminder here. I agree with RC that I have never seen/read bad behavior toward newbies as described. I suspect the "regulars" would jump on that person quite quickly these days (I'm sure you know what a Pirate would do to them!).

I have tried some races in LS and can honestly report that, while interesting, it CERTAINLY does not have a usable chat feature. Since I sail so badly, the chat is often the most enjoyable part!

Hope more virtual sailors become SOLers!!

Hi! I'm a Noob! :)

While I can't comment on other new visitor's experiences - my own have been _nothing at all_ like those described.

Everyone I've interacted with on the chat has been warm, friendly, welcoming, and quick to offer-up tips to this noob.

I couldn't ask for a nicer welcome.

Anecdote it may be, but I offer it to offset other experiences mentioned.

Maybe it was from someone I haven't come across? Or someone having a bad day?

I've been on chat a lot since the start of the Raid, and haven't seen anything I'd imagine anyone thinking "rude" other than good-natured ribbing. And come now: It's a _race_!

For those I've interacted with, too many to remember and I wouldn't want to leave anyone out:

Thanks for making me feel welcome!

--- Adrenalynn

--- Last Edited by Adrenalynn at 2012-06-17 03:54:51 ---
Thanks Adrenalynn - much appreciated! Its good to hear how we seem to folks who first jump into chat - like all good organisations we welcome feedback whether it is constructive criticism or just plain old pats on the back!

I do remember a while back (probably around the time i started developing the client) there were a few that got quite rambunctious in the chat, 'F' this and that all the time - but as far as I could see it was limited to toward each other. I actually did report 1 case of it to Kalle. It was definitely 'both ways' and I don't recall them behaving badly toward anyone else - but this is something to look into further.

@Capt. D.P.: Do you have any idea WHEN this might have occurred ?? Even during what race it was would be of help?
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__

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