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This coming week sees another first for Sailonline - we are the official virtual race partner for this year's Auckland to Russell race, better known as the PIC Coastal Classic Yacht Race.

In the past we have raced Young 11s (monohulls) but as this started as a multihull event, it seems right that we try racing a multihull this year!

Sailonline's boathouse has two racing multihulls and one multihull "gin palace" - it is probably not appropriate for us to race in our GB90s so the choice of our boat has to be between:



60ft trimaran

Orange 125ft Cat.

Here is the Official Entry List

Which of our four racing multihulls will perform best please?

NOR from 2012

and for the forecast wx just look in the Sydney-Auckland Tall Ships race! The tall ships are gathering near Russell in the Bay of Islands at the moment!

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2013-10-19 18:10:15 ---
RC my choice would be F18s -love the high speed bumps - although i haven't an idea whether there is going to be breeze or not.
Sail Fair.
Would go with our 60ft cat as it's not raced since long .. another might be seacart .. F18 is not realistic in that race and orange too fast
Would consider the 60' tri too, very common and raced everywhere... For a big multi, that is...

The scratch boat seems to be Team Australia "Big Bird". A 60' tri that just shattered the Sydney to Auckland record.
Our 60' tri might be a bit slower, but still make a good match.
On the other hand, our seacart should be close in performance to the 8.5 Class cats, there are several entered as this is a local box rule design.
60ft TRIMARAN Two 60ft Trimarans are entered in the race. Team Aus just broke the SYD2AKL record and are going for the race record. http://livesaildie.com/team-australia-syd-to-akl-record-tick-akl-to-russel-record/
“We may have arrived on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now!” Martin Luther King Jr.
Copy from FB :

Sophie CG Turner The Orange 125

Hew Hamilton I've always liked the Seacarts, but we have not raced the 125' Orange in a while.

Sophie CG Turner That's what I thought

Robert Neilson 60' Trimaran to take on these guys. http://livesaildie.com/.../
I would chip in for the 125 cat just cos I need some speed after those Tall Ships!
We can race 125ft later no need to ruin this race
I like trimarans, mine is 6' so I wouldn't mind a 60'
Just wish I had £250,000 to buy one IRL. 😎

Everything gets done by not doing anything!

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