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Board » General Discussion » New QtVlm version.

Viva all SOLers.

There's a new qTVlm version (routing software).
A small bug in my qT: after the routing process is finished when you export it to a CSV format file it doesn’t’ generate the “TWS” column - see also included “CSV” file.
Sail Fair.

Meanwhile I’ve noticed that qTVlm went to the Android App gallery.
Downloaded and installed it. The only issue is now to find out a NMEA working program to connect a SOL boat with the qTVlm app.
Any ideas?
Sail Fair.
See Huib / kroppyer's solution elsewhere in forum at http://sailonline.org/board/thread/12829/converting-a-qtvlm-route-to-brainaid-dcs/?page=1#post-13441
It works for me but I will need to get used to qtVlm v5 first!

--- Last Edited by prokkyer at 2015-04-01 16:53:08 ---
Viva Go4.

The solution for this issue is not in the conversion to the brainaid DC's format.
The problem here is the CSV file that is generated and exported from qTVlm: it is incomplete.
In my case doesn't give the “TWS” column values.
It’s a qTVlm program bug.

Anyhow thank you for the info.
Sail Fair.
Viva Huib,

Thank you for your intervention.

A Big Hug!
Sail Fair.
If you update qtVlm to 5.0 -15 please note that the kroppyer conversion for SOL DCs reverts to the original version, i.e. http://sol.kroppyer.nl/qtvlm2dc/ , because the csv export file format has been corrected to 'as it was before'.
New program .... bugs.
When you edit a calculated route, select to show it and also the "Display data from roadbook at grib date" the program crashes invariably.

In some of the menus, the French language is mixed with the English when the chosen option for the language is "English".
Sail Fair.
New update for qTVlm (v. 5.0-17).
The former issue with the "Display data from roadbook at grib date" crash is solved as also the language one (French vs. English in the menus).
Sail Fair.

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