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Board » Technical Support » Anyone still using BWR? Gribs not loading

I gave up on BWR many months ago when gribs from brainaid would not load. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried again today and these are the error messages from BWR:

grib: grib_seek C:/Program Files (x86)/bluewater/races/Christmas/weather-263-global-gfs-20161203_1026.grb: Only read 7816 out of 17640 bytes for EntireMsg (offs=1040760)

grib: missing vector data for UGRD, period 29, deleting sequence

grib: Postprocessing failure for sequence 33 (parameter 1988196324)

grib: C:/Program Files (x86)/bluewater/races/Christmas/weather-263-global-gfs-20161203-1026.grb: No usable records found

I have the current version of BWR v.1.87

I'm happy using QtVLm but thought I'd give BWR another try.

Phil (Garagiste)
I still use BWR. But now use Zygrib to get some usable weather.. I use it for long distance routing to get a 6 day point that I can use as intermediate POI in qtvlm.

Lascareno (of Secret Society of Anonymous <Sol> Skippers)
I loaded weather from brainaid into zygrib.
Displays nicely.
Then downloaded with zygrib again that weather-map.
Unpacked the resulting .zb2 file to the bwr-grib folder..

And fun oh fun... sol-weather on BWR..

yours ssa<s>s skipper

11 dec 2016
BWR is suggesting visiting the waters south of Melbourne

--- Last Edited by sol at 2016-12-11 19:49:03 ---
Maybe this is interresting for some router-users.

BWR 2.10 is out.

I downloaded it.
No problems with brainaids grib files anymore.

I use windows 10 and had to change in preferences the references to default directories before for example <CTRL+G> opened the right directory.

yours truly

--- Last Edited by sol at 2017-05-10 14:24:42 ---
Lascareno :-)
I wonder why you keep on posting as "sol"!
You're providing a lot of useful info in these forum posts, so why "sol" instead of "Lascareno"

--- Last Edited by Bimmer at 2017-05-11 14:31:50 ---
Bimmer :)
Wondering keeps the mind in healthy alertness. Good for you.

The answer on your question is yes.

(And its Lacsareno; not Lascareno).
(Excuse and sorry for this off-topic lines.)
I still continue using BWR. Version 2.1 to be precise.
I can use the grib-files from brainaids site without problem.
Using grib-files as downloaded with "autogrib" is impossible.
Grib-file downloaded with zygrib using the same parameters works well. But direct way via brainaid is more convenient.

After a clean install of BWR I inserted into the route GPS-position as start point.
Before I start a following "optimize" I open the route again and edit again the starting point. Only then then beginpoint of optimization is correct.

BWR forum is closed so could not ask for a reaction.
Well this works for me. And I am a happy BWR user.

I close the GPS before exit/save BWR. If I forget that some inpredictable things can happen.

yours truly

--- Last Edited by sol at 2017-11-11 23:51:36 ---

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