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  • Re: Golden Globe Races 2018 - Seat Of The Pants commitment
    Board » Sailonline Yacht Club
    Dear sol rulers

    Make the fun even bigger and remove the predictorlines from all boats like you have done now for so long time for <sol>


    --- Last Edited by sol at 2018-06-26 06:21:24 ---
  • Re: Golden Globe Races 2018 - Seat Of The Pants commitment
    Board » Sailonline Yacht Club

    This is an archive of a lot of things inclusive sourcecode. But not an executable file.

    Seems to have been made with microsoft visual studio 2004.

    Maybe one of the sol-programmers can compile the source-code into a working .exe

    yours truly Lacsareno
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    You used excel to fill in the values.
    You saved the file as a csv file.
    (Your)Excel uses by default , as field separator. (can be different per country!)
    You should use ; as field separator.

    find attached your file now with ; separator.
    Should work.


    save your excel file as (MS-DOS) CSV

    suggestion 2:
    Open your polar.csv file in your favourite TEXT editor and search/replace , with ;
    Then save.

    --- Last Edited by sol at 2018-06-16 14:02:38 ---
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    maybe you could use
    as separator instead of

  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    I presume you are on windows 10. More applications or sub-processes of applications show this crash if you start a second instance before the first has finished.

    Only thing I can find on the web is "esent esediskflushconsistency" Only discussions; no remedy.

    So a little bit of patience before you click again on <Start NMEA> seems the sensible thing to do.
  • Re: Bugio Lighthouse, the surfers and...
    Board » General Discussion
    maybe this picture gives an impression
  • Re: Using iPad
    Board » Technical Support
  • using BWR and tcp/ip nmea dateline
    Board » Technical Support
    BWR users
    If you cross the 180 from west to east and you are using autogribloader as source then the gps-position will be on the right side of the chart. And there you can not use it for routing purposes.

    If you use brainaids NMEA proxy as source then the GPS-position will be put on the left side of the chart where it can be used for routing.

    The grib delivered by AutoGribLoader neither works in BWR.
    Here I use the grib delivered by Brainaids Toolbox too.

    --- Last Edited by sol at 2018-03-16 17:17:06 ---
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    I do not know what you already have tried to clean that screen.
    Deleting all of qtvlm and do a clean install would surely give you that clean screen.
    Would help if you write down beforehand the configuration adaptations you made made different from the default in <QtVlm><Configuration>. Saves a lot of reinventing all the config-wheels later on.

    And you could try beforehand in
    <QtVlm><Export qtVlm data> to export whatever you chose there to Export (to qtVlmExport.zip) the data you want back when you have done a clean install.
    Do not forget to put first qtVlmExport.zip on/in a different place then the QtVlm folder you are going to delete.

    In the newly installed QtVlm you choose <QtVlm>< Import qtVlm Data> and find you exported data. And maybe the random dots are gone now.

    That's all I can think of.
    Good luck

  • Re: Sol/Brainaid/Expedition
    Board » Technical Support
    I do not have expedition.
    But maybe this works?
    In Expedition use the settings menu to select Instruments->Number of network connections. Then add a connection. Now in the Instruments->Serial and Network Ports you can choose TCP client and configure for ip-fill in address shown in brainaids nmea proxy port 5010

    found in http://expedition.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=228

    (I tried it in unlicenced expedition version but got message that could not be done in unlicensed etc.)


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Welcome to a brand-new race, created by sassy63.
He's taken us to the Philippines to race around islands on a 377 nm course.
We sail the Steinlager 2 and in Calbayog we'll enjoy our well-deserved Palatan dish and drink it with San Miguel.
Race #1159
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Race starts: Jul 24th 17:00 Registration Open!

2018 40' Series Championship - Hawaiian Zig Zag
Welcome to the 7th race in our 2018 40' series!
This time we will use "Jaws" Hawaiian Zig Zag course for our race.
Shifting winds, beaches, rocks and headlands, zig and zag; 430nm not for the faint hearted! Your challenge is to get your choice of 40' to Niihau without breaking neither the boat nor your spirit.

The Race Conditions contains NOR, particulars, polars and a list of used boats, and will be updated for each race in 2018, so please read it to avoid disqualification.

40' Series 2018 – Race Conditions (updated)

Race # 1164
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40CH – SYC
RACE CLOSE:Tuesday, 24 July at 23:00 UTC.
Race starts: Jul 20th 16:00 Registration Closed

Greenland to Alaska
This race is a repetition of leg 2 in last years RED DOT race.
It is 2.099 splendid nautical miles from Nuuk, Greenland to Barrow, Alaska, leaving both North Canada and North Alaska to port.
Race #1163
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SuperMaxi 100 Particulars
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0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
ALT. CLIENT: Classic
RACE CLOSE: Tuesday, 24 July at 23:00 UTC
Race starts: Jul 09th 16:00 Registration Closed

Golden Globe Race - Leg 1 to Storm Bay
Welcome, all, to the 2018 Golden Globe Race and Sailonline’s virtual version of this iconic 50th anniversary rerun of 1968’s first ever non-stop single-handed round-the-world race in yachts and with technology in keeping with that historic time.
To reflect the challenge being undertaken by the real racers, as announced previously, SOL invites all who feel so inclined to add their boat name to the post in FORUM declaring you will race by the proverbial "Seat Of The Pants" (SOTP) with no outside assistance from routing software or other external aids, BEFORE THE STARTING GUN IS FIRED.
To simulate the real race which features a 90 minute minimum stopover in Storm Bay, SOL’s online version has been divided into two legs. This first leg then is from Les Sables-d’Olonne to Storm Bay. When the leaders approach Storm Bay, Leg 2 from thence back to Les Sables via Cape Horn, will open. YOU MAY NOT START LEG 2 UNTIL AT LEAST 90 MINUTES AFTER FINISHING LEG 1. The penalty for starting Leg 2 before finishing Leg 1 is NO RANKING. The penalty for starting Leg 2 within 90 minutes of finishing Leg 1 is 5x the time you started too early.
Fair winds and good luck!!
Race #1154
INFO by brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: GGR
Race starts: Jul 01st 10:00 Registration Open!

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