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  • Re: DC Checker Releases
    Board » Technical Discussion
    Me too, I thought I was going mad searching the settings. Did discover a hundred other options I'd never looked at before though. :)
  • Re: DC Checker Releases
    Board » Technical Discussion
    Thanks Kipper.
    I get agreement in client, AGL, and raw nmea data in QT. It’s just the boats instruments that have integer TWS only. I think it’s therefore a QT problem or I have an incorrect setting somewhere. I will try a new load and see if I get the same then.
    Spoke to matai, there was a bug in last version, which he's now fixed..will be updated soon. meantime, the previous version works okay 5.9.7 P2.

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  • QT decimal points in wind speed
    Board » Technical Discussion
    Same issue here, can you let us know if you find the solution? Cheers.

    I have the latest version. I noticed something strange. The wind is currently 7.238knts in AGL, 7.24 in SOL and 7 in qt. However, if I open the polar in qt (from boat settings or clicking on the compass) the TWS is shown as 7.00knts and then if I turn off nmea, it then shows 7.24 knts. I wish I could go back one version of qt to try it there.

    Edit: installed 5.9_7 P2 and have decimal points in instruments back.

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  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Hi Matai, I've been trying to disable the beep sounds associated with routing, simplifying and optimising. I tried turning them off in configuration/routes/beep when routing/simplification, but this did not stop them. In the end, I had to disable the Windows asterisks default sound to remove the beeps. Can you confirm? cheers, John
  • Re: SRC Candidate Advertisement
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee
    I'm happy to try to assist.

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  • Ocean Race starts
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Rules and Decisions
    Hi SRC. Just a comment on the ocean race starts. Some time ago there was a ruling on SRC designed ocean races that: 'The start will be placed in such a way as to enable a clear and uncomplicated start to the race.'

    I'm writing in reference to the upcoming Lisbon Capetown race, though my comments could also be applied to a number of other recent races. Most races start somewhere between 17:00 and 19:00 (unless tied to real race times) which for many of us around the world (N and S hemispheres) is the middle of the night.

    Regardless of start time, people somewhere around the world will not be able to check the WX before the race start. This I assume is the reason behind the ruling about 'clear and uncomplicated' race starts.

    The Lisbon race course positions the start some 5nm up a narrow harbour entrance only 0.6 nm wide. This will be virtually impossible to navigate in a fast catamaran, especially if into a head wind, by DCs off an outdated WX.

    For the sake of 5nms in a 5000nm race, it would make a huge difference to many SOLers if it had been moved just 5nm down the channel.
    No doubt too late for change now, but to encourage participation in these races it would help if these ocean races started according to the racing criteria.


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  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Jim - Download the AGL manual here: https://1drv.ms/f/...

    It tells you how to :-)

    edited to fix link (again)

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    This is a link to somewhere that maybe shouldn't be public.

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    fixed the link

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  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Thanks ij!
  • ipads, SOL and QtVlm
    Board » Technical Support
    Hi there, since ij's work on the new client I can now run both SOL and QtVlm on my iPad, but there are still a few issues to solve, particularly integrating the two so that boat positions on SOL can be picked up in QtVlm and a routing made.

    Are there any other iPad users interested in sorting this out with me? I can be mailed at johnhockings@outlook.com which would be easier than communicating here.
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Hi there. Trying to do the whole routing thing only on an ipad. I'm almost there but it's so long since I've done this I've forgotten one thing. Can someone fill me in please...is Andrew's (kipper's) programme the only place to source the race marks file (gpx file)? Thanks.


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SoCal 300 2020
The SoCal 300, raced in the waters of California on the US West Coast is usually one of San Diego Yacht Club's most challenging races meaning that we have our work cut out for us to be competitive in our Santa Cruz 52s. This year, due to #COVID19 the real race won't be running which means that some of the real competition may well find their way to race against us in virtuality!
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Welcome back to Kiel, N Germany, for the 2020 Baltic 500 race. At this point, this race will be run in real life, but as the circumstances of COVID19 can change quickly, so the final course has not yet been determined! The Baltic and Denmark's inshore waters are both notorious for shallow waters and strong local currents, while the geography brings interesting winds. We have a challenge on our hands with our new and superb Dehler 30 OD.
It is imperative that you read AND understand these special Starting Conditions for the Baltic 500 2020
Starting Conditions!!
Race #1351
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Dehler 30 OD Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Race starts: May 21st 11:00 Registration Open!

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