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I have just uploaded the OCEAN Championship situation after race 10 . As race 11 closes today very likely I will be able to upload updated situation after race 11 by tomorrow.

The finale of this Championship will be a big thriller with three boats fighting for the CUP ( Dingo - rafa - ita10267 ) and others still in good position for potential podium and medal.

Ciao ALL :)
Hi ALL ;)

I have just uploaded situation of OCEAN Championship after race 11 ( one only to the end ).

The numbers say that in worst case scenarios three boats are fighting for the CUP : Dingo , ita10267 and rafa , whilst rumskib still has one podium spot available.

As expected it will be a big thriller !!


I have just uploaded the TIMED Championship situation after race 22 ( two only left ).

rumskib is now mathematically the happy Winner of the CUP !!!! and I want to be the first to congratulate with him for his consistency , that led to tremendous success ahead of final rounds.

rafa , karriv , Neuroman and svein still fight for Podium medals , with the odds proportionally spread amongst them as listed.

Good luck !!


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Hi ALL ;)

worked on the TIMED CHAMPIONSHIP numbers after race 23 ( one only to go ) :

1) Glad to announce that RAFA is now for sure the silver medalist of this Championship

2) Big fight is ON for Bronze :
Situation after race 23 with 4 discards :

NEUROMAN - 182 - best discard 26
KARRIV - 185 - best discard 29
SVEIN - 206 - best discard 23

any of these three boats still has mathematical chance of podium and Bronze medal.

Good luck !!


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