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This thread is for comments, questions, suggestions to already-posted calendars.
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Can't reply in the race calendar thread so will mention it here :)

Someone seems to have got the wrong calendar for March?
Last day of February is a Saturday, but first day of March is a Tuesday?

Post annotated by RainbowChaser :
This post was moved from the thread 2014 CHAMPIONSHIPS FINAL RANKINGS AND PRIZES.
Alan !!! ;)

although we have not promptly responded to you , you may have noticed that we acted quite quickly ;)

I apologise with you and the entire SOL Community for this "lapsus" . It was entirely my mistake !! ;)

ciao and Thanks !!

Just wondering by the looks of Q1 Calendar if the decision has been made to cut the number of timed races offered in half ?

Granted those scheduled last twice as long but I don't see this necessarily as an advantage.

Personally I would favor the former practice of there being 2 such races every month. Running either in the 1st & 3rd week or the 2nd & 4th week.

Ever since this format has been instituted timing has always been a tricky issue with fickle weather being the main concern. I believe that originally these races were about 3 days and then expanded to a week to give more viable windows for an optimal run.

Regardless of the duration it always seems to be a situation of well if only there another 24 hrs then another competitive run would have been possible. However this must be balanced against even longer dead zones that ensue as the weather wanes.

A second race each month gives everyone a better chance of a fresh start than letting a single race linger so long. There may be another unforeseen problem to this longer approach as retries accumulate the number of boats that the server must account for could affect the response time of steering commands being handled in all ongoing races.

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None so blind
First of all it is GREAT to see you back here after quite longtime !

The decision to run one Timed per month , longer than before , has been made by the Management Team with the following in mind :

--- Reduce the number of races from that of 2014. We had peaks of up to 6/7 races open simultaneously, and the burden on OPS people was eccessive. The reduction of NON Championship races should help as well.

--- Allow newbies to have a 16 days open playground where testing and training.

--- As consequence of the reduction of racing , keeping open the Timed for 16 days reduces the probability of " non racing" available periods.

--- Sometimes in 2015 we will run again the Transat Timed that was so successful a few years ago .

--- Keeping a Timed open for 16 days puts pressure on competitive SOLers to keep an eye on xw forecasts changes , specially in view of the fact that at race start only 45% of the race span is available in terms of forecast.
In fewer words : better strategic planning required.

Hope the above adds to your feedback

Welcome back !! ;)

Thank you for this additional insight.

However I still do not see the benefit of this approach. The number of days dedicated to this category remains close to the same either way but it sacrifices 12 races (per year) and the opportunity to place well in doing so. There will be longer periods between race events of this style waiting for another chance to queue up to the starting line. It goes without saying that certain course layouts that are applicable to these timed races will not be utilized as often either.

As a compromise would it be possible to break your 16 day scheduling solution in half & run timed race double headers back-to-back.

As we are on the verge of the Boston - Newport SYC 2015 Race I have concerns that I would like to place on the record whether it accomplishes anything or not.

First off the listed staring time is 0600 utc which has no relation to the local time zone where it is being held. Please tell me this is a correctable oversight.

Secondly the boat selected is the J30.

Why is this boat being used so frequently of late ? It is as rather pedestrian & the polar is as smooth as a billiard ball, which presents fewer tactical choices than say the TransPac 52 which I believe to be a better choice for this historic race.

Even so wouldn't it be preferable to increase the variety of boats assigned when we have so many at our disposal ?

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None so blind
Whatever about the pros (some, in particular the sheer workload associated with the overly busy calendar last year) and cons (some as well, such as there will probably still only be one weather window to go for, and the rest of the 16 days will be to borrow from Iain Banks 'Dead Air') of the new Timed Series, A2 has a valid point re the J30; a very boring boat featuring very modest speed differences between 90 and 140 TWA one the wind hits 20kn, converting an IRL classic into a cornering-fest, as we have just experienced.
Clipping along

Absolutely, Jan.
Asap, bring on the crane and put that TP52 on the water.
Sail Fair.

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