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  • Re: Poetry Saved for Posterity
    Board » General Discussion
    On dicing for the minor places with Mouthansar and Dingo...

    Well, tha’ didnae work
    Guess I must be a burk
    Ta think that a shift
    Woulda gave me a lift
    So I’ll have ta continue ta lurk

    If we battle too much
    A dog from the bush
    I think it’s a Dingo,
    Yes indeedy, by jingo
    Will pass us, ‘like’ (modern parlance) whoosh

    For avoidance of doubt
    You must click on the route
    Then the waypoints you’ll see
    And the red ones will be
    Stuck to the coust

    Also sprach Mouthasthustra
    Aha, yes, abracadabra!
    “You make me hot, you make me sigh,
    You make me laugh, you make me cry,”
    Thus Steve Miller on the matter

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  • Chicago Mackinac
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Race proposals
    Old race, new record
    http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2017/10/17/new-chicago-mackinac-course-record/ ... SRC, we'll have to see can we better that! We have the race (#55) and we have the boat! Perhaps as a Time Race using NAM-AWIP.
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    That's great stuff, maitai.
    Does it deal wit Kipper's comments (below) as well?
    If so, I think the time has come to upgrade once again (from 5.3-5 in my case).

    1. Closing an NMEA TCP connection server port (closing the port or shutting down the programme providing the NMEA feed) while GPS is connected, causes Qt to crash.
    2.If NMEA sentence $GPWPL is received for a waypoint that already exists, that waypoint jumps to the top left corner until a screen refresh is invoced. Each time the following sentance is received, the waypoint "Cadiz Offshore" will jump to the top left of the screen from it's proper location $GPWPL,3636.000,N,00629.000,W,Cadiz Offshore*0D
    3. The Display Raw NMEA Data window, when activated, will obscure some of the other popup windows, and lock up Qt completely.To reproduce do the following.
    i. Enable Display Raw NMEA data and start GPS
    ii. Click on boat icon to bring up Position, Speed and Heading etc
    iii. Click on Position, if not already displayed.
    iv. Click on ? Qt will now be locked. The is now no way to move the NMEA Raw Data window and get to the popup behind it.
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Qt switches automatically between gshhs tiles as you zoom-in and -out. There are 4 levels:
    Level Filesize
    f 166.8MB
    h 32.8MB
    i 10.6MB
    l 5.0MB
    SOL does this too, but does not have the highest level f tiles.
    Also for ocean races, the SOL zoom-in only goes to level i.
    There is an easy manual fix.
    Proceed as follows.
    Create three additional directories in the maps directory of your Qt application: call them say:
    gshhs-high, and
    Now go to Qt's own gshhs directory and Ctrl C:
    poly-h-1.dat, and
    Ctrl V them into your new gshhs-orig directory.
    Now go to your new gshh-high directory, paste them in again, delete poly-c-1.dat, make a copy of poly-h-1.dat which will be renamed poly-h-1-copy.dat by your system and rename that copy poly-c-1.dat. You've now replaced the original poly-c-1.dat with a poly-h-1.dat file IN DISGUISE.
    Next go to your new gshh-inter directory and place copies of the original poly-i-1.dat and poly-l-1.dat files in it. Make two copies of poly-i-1.dat and rename them poly-c-1.dat and poly-h-1.dat. You've now replaced the original poly-c-1.dat and poly-h-1.dat with a poly-i-1.dat file BOTH IN DISGUISE.
    Once this is done, open Qt in the usual way and zoom-out.
    Go to your Qt maps directory and if you are racing an ocean race, pick up the fake poly-c-1.dat and poly-h-1.dat files in the new gshhs-inter directory and Ctrl C them.
    Go to Qt's original gshhs directory and Ctrl V them and select Replace.
    Go to Qt and zoom-in. Your zoomed-in map stays at the i level, matching SOL.
    If it is a coastal race, proceed in the same way, but picking up the dummy files in gshhs-high instead.
    As long as Qt doesn't crash (as it will do every time you loose the NMEA connection) or you don't close it, you can now route away to your heart's content.
    However, if you have to restart Qt and there are dummy gshhs tiles in its original gshhs directory it will not work. So... go to gshhs-orig and pick up the correct original files there and paste and replace them back into Qt's gshhs directory.


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Tour Down Under 2022
It will be 694nm of killing racing on an amazing route created by SOL'er AGage. In the chat of the first edition of this race, Tyger wrote "Only an Aussie (and a crazy one) with intimate knowledge of these waters could have come up with such a racecourse". Well maybe AGage was a bit crazy, but he was also a genius when he made it, inspired by the great cycling race "Tour Down Under". Instead of bikes we will use fast 60ft Trimarans. So rest well and prepare large amounts of coffee. You will have at least two days without sleep. 😊
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Hong Kong to Auckland 2022
It's time to test your ocean racing skills in a variety of weathers as we head the 6400 NM between Hong Kong and Auckland in a fast Super Maxi 100. We'll be heading from a northern summer to a southern winter so keep plenty of cold weather gear and warm rum on board!
Race #1597
INFOby brainaid.de
Super Maxi 100 PARTICULARS
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September 28 at 2300 UTC.
Race starts: Sep 01st 04:00 Registration Closed

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