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The Madagascar reverse…

I’ve made a normal routing between the Madagascar South tip and the North one obtaining the dark Isochrones field and the path in blue color - pls see attached pic.
From Start to Finish waypoints the routing went along the Madagascar East coast.

After I’ve made a second run for calculating the reverse Isochrones (red color ones) and, to my totally surprise ….. it went along the West coast!

No barriers at all were used for both routing processes.
And, IMHO, it shouldn’t be used as I was calculating the “reverse”, e.g., it should have gone in the opposite direction of the direct routing path, but along the Madagascar East coast.
Or not?

(meanwhile the routing calculations didn’t stop yet….)

Additional info.

TS: 5 minutes.
Angular step: 3,00º.
Scanning angle: 180,00º
Prune angle: 2,00º
Sail Fair.
Yes clearly it should have gone on the same side as the normal isochrones, probably a bug here due to the coast configuration. I assumed you used the reversed-isochrone function in routing?

This function is useful to determine zone of incertitude (where the envelop is thin). You can see it as "where would it be best to come from in order to be there?". If the arrival point is in such a zone I suppose the algorithm might get confused so to say, and opt for the wrong side.

--- Dernière modification par maitai le 2016-02-26 13:47:49 ---
Viva Philippe.

Yes, the process for generating the "Madagascar reverse" was correct, exactly the same used for generating the one that goes on the attached file - pls have a look on it - in this case with success.

I didn't tried yet, but one way to overcome this "bug" was to use a "vertical" barrier extended to the North of the Finish waypoint (Start waypoint for the reverse) to avoid a reverse routing on the wrong side of the Madagascar Coast.

A Big Hug from here!
Sail Fair.

AIS module is almost finished and we will open beta testing soon. If some of you are interested to help, just leave a message here (you can test that through brainaid nmea/ais interface).

Fair winds to all
Ciao Maitai, I have just write on VLM forum, but perhaps this is a better place to test AIS (in vlm other boats are already visible...).

So, I would try to test. I'm not sure if I'm able to (I'm non an IT technician...), but if you want I can try. As you probably know I attend races both here and on vlm.

I sent you a message at VLM forum with the links to the beta version

ok, thanks maitai. I'll see asap
Bucefalo - When you "master" the beta, could you then (here in forum) give us a little "manual" ?

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