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Hi all. I'm just noting some issues I am having when using Chrome as my web browser.

Some months ago I noticed that the text display in the SOL sailing window had degraded significantly. I think the technical description is probably that the fonts did not appear to be anti-aliased.

This was confirmed in the chat by all other Chrome users who saw my posts there.

One obvious example of the effect was that co-ordinates copied and pasted into the notes tab were very thin. Text generally looked ragged edged.

My computer died last week, and I now have a new one, and I have an hdmi monitor and the resolution I am using is 1920 x 1080.

Once I got my new computer up and running I noticed that, perhaps co-incidentally, the text in the SOL sailing window has become crisp again. Co-ordinates pasted onto the notes tab are now back to normal.

However, there are two strange occurrences. One is that even though text everywhere else on SOL pages is normal size, the text in the chat bar and also across the head of the SOL main chart (race information, start time, my current place, etc) is very small.

I repeat though that text everywhere else in my browser, on the SOL homepage, etc is all as it should be.

Also, please note, having made the change to Chrome, with all the synchronisation of calendars, bookmarks, etc, I don't want to run another browser.

Also, I ran Explorer and it has the identical small chat text issue anyway.

The second issue is even more strange. I enclose a screen shot. It shows wind arrows for winds below three knots showing as little circles instead of arrows.

Any thoughts, suggestions?
Can't comment on the fonts issue as I am not using Chrome. As for the circles, they only appear if you have wind barbs selected in the Options.
(...) the text (...) across the head of the SOL main chart (race information, start time, my current place, etc) is very small.

In the screenshot you shared, that text seems to have the normal size, or at least, it has had that size for as long as I can remember on my PC (across multiple browsers).
Thanks, that does explain the wind barb thing.

Kroppy, It's no big thing, just different I guess, though it is a bit hard to read the chat.

I'm posting my whole SOL screen with the window expanded to occupy full screen.
You can see the text in the header barely goes halfway across the header, whereas previously that text in the header occupied almost the whole header.
Are you shure that the chrome settings is at 100% zoom?
Hi Bimmer, yep I'm sure. The issue is not the absolute size of the chat box text, but rather its size relative to the rest of the SOL window.

In Windows 10 you can adjust the website text size independently of icons etc, and independently of zoom capability in your browser, but even this does not have the ability to amend the size of the text in the chat box and header.

I'd be interested to hear from Chrome users who also noticed the badly formed text in SOL over the last month or so as to whether that has now also been fixed for them.

Changing computers makes my own analysis difficult because I've lost my benchmark.
Bimmer, if you could post a pic of your whole SOL screen, then I could compare the two. Also if you could note what your screen resolution is. cheers
three screenshots on a 1600x900 monitor:
- chromium (my main browser) with flash
- firefox, with flash
- chrome, with flash
Thanks Kroppie. I've overlaid my screen and yours in Photoshop and I'd say my text is only 60% of your text size. I'm running at 1920 x 1080 with some newer sort of DP cable connecting computer and monitor. I'm guessing this is the reason. I have incredibly clear and sharp text but just smaller. Thanks for posting the pics, very useful for purposes of comparison.

--- Last Edited by Dingo at 2016-07-31 00:38:05 ---
you will see that everything on your screen is about 60% of the size on my screen when you scale the screens to have the same size. Your screen is 1080, mine is 600, just under 60% of yours.

What is the physical size of your screen? I have a 15.5" screen. If you have a 28" screen, we see things the same size, but I think your screen is smaller.

Maybe you need to sit closer to the screen John :)

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