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I see SOL as an incredibile learning tool, (not to mention the FUN!!) so as zero pointed out, to know what the tops are doing is a learning lesson. We must preserve that, is the strenght of SOL

To "protect" the top(do not like the term but did not find any better) from blind "followers" or "fans" I see a nice mix coming out:
1-name and shame,
2- a wild card "stealth on request" , to "cut" the tow rope
3- some periods (start?) with no boat name just dots,
4- position report every x time bigger than the actual minute...( in ocean race, not in short)

1 require no programming effort and works,
2 panic option for follower :-))
3 this should be easy and funny (you will go for more dots concentration eheh)
4 will even reduce the server traffic

my 2c

--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von Gilles am 2012-01-06 08:22:34 ---
After being away from SOL for several months and coming back to find many improvements to the client, (thanks AGage and whomever else is\was responsible for this) one of the best improvements IMO is the boat list. Shortly after the start of leg 2 I realized by selecting only my boat everyone disappears thereby clearing the clutter of 1000+ or so boats and tracks, making it much easier to mark range, bearings, and find the wind. However when you reload the client the list is not saved, I understand this is an upcoming feature, YEAH! Trying to stay on topic and get to the point here I wonder, if when one logs in, only your boat was sent to the client along with a "Fleet Standings" list with an option button to "see the fleet". However clicking this button makes a dot appear by ones name in everyones "Fleet Standings" list. During leg 2 and other races I found myself near some of the "Big Guns" it's actually unnerving and in past races when possible I've tried to get away but most times 99.99% they are aleady running the fastest route or on their way to it, so getting away isn't possible with the exception of falling behind as there's only one "best" route. If something like this could be implemented I would think more people would be inclined not to simply follow but race on their own merit and enjoy the benefits of sailing around alone. It would seem also to decrease serverload/bandwith as only your boats info would be sent from the server, IDK about such things. Certainly this or anything else isn't going to stop a follower, as anyone can get the AIS signal and track from there. Just my worthless 2 cents.
Aaron: Not really trying to hijack the tread, as I was really trying to comment on spending programming time on "STEALTH" is good for SoL or are alternatives more important.

LOG BOOK: Mainly automatic, especially when sleep, work and family etc mean time away from the PC when one cannot see WHEN and WHY things especially grounding happen.

It would be great to add the odd comment to delayed commands that then get added automatically to the LOG BOOK. e.g. "TWA =55 set in 4 hours to beat 76T again"
OR "Tack set to cover Gillies and get to new wind soonest".
If the DC is later deleted, then so is that comment as the DC did NOT occur. It would allow for "immediate" comments to be added by setting the same course with a delay of 1 or 2 minutes = 0.05 hr time.
Alternatively a comment field for attaching to any command sent.

--- Last Edited by NZL_PaulR at 2012-01-06 11:48:02 ---

--- Last Edited by NZL_PaulR at 2012-01-06 12:07:24 ---
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
A personal preference for programming time would be that when one has delayed commands loaded, the prediction heading 6 hour indicator would so the effect of those DC's e.g. at 3 hours a tack will show a 90 degree "kink" in the pink line, or what ever tacking angle is set e.g. 88 degrees etc.

The DC Predictor would only change when the "REFRESH" button is clicked in the DC Tab or every 10 or 15 minutes updating as currently happens to reduce server loads.

This I see as really beneficial to ALL SoL sailors and therefore have a higher priority for programming time and resources when compared to Stealth mode that is only targetted at the TOP few sailors.

I do like the idea of show numbers instead of boat names. Perhaps this should only be possible for the TOP 50 sailors (First page of the leaderboad) when they FIRST register for the "next" race, to tick that option if they desire it.

Most SoLers won't want to tick this option IMHO. If enforced to all the fleet, it will detract from SoLs friendship and community feeling. Once lost it will be hard to regenerate.

Having this discussion is a great part of SoL learning IMHO.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Yeah stealth mode would take away a lot of the fun and learning, examining, utilizing other sailors strategies, etc.

I think anyway someone following another sailor contantly will become more and more unpopular in the community.

I agree with last post by Paul, a great improvement to the DC feature would be to predict like he said the track if a DC is set... I'm not too sure if it's easy or really difficult with many DCs applied, but would be of assistance and ultimately perhaps increase competitiveness

Thanks, Alex
~ ride like the wind ~
I believe most things have already been said but i would like to add my own remarks.

Follow the leader can only be banned by a total stealth mode, but is this the way we want SOL to develop. The only way to learn something is to watch others go faster and ask yourselves why ?

A semi stealth mode with numbers seems a good way around this as it stil gives the opportunity to learn. Yes you can still follow the leader but you don't know exactly who that leader is .

A time limited total stealth on demand may be a good feature but it is only usefull for a few. Personally i would rather see programmming resources go into a 6 hour predictor line that also shows / takes into account your course changes .
In general programming resources should benefit most people and not a few.

In addition this if 1% of people like to follow the leader as intense as to my opinion has been done lately i don't think there is much you can do about it without hampering the other 99% who are trying to do there best.

My 2 cents from a rather wet part of the world.


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