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Board » General Discussion » Sailonline Android Client Beta test

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I have just posted a new version (0.40) to the play store. This version has some fixes to the solmap that made the app miss the last part of some map tile polygons and I have also added a chat page.

It usually takes a couple of hours until a new update is available on the play store, so you will have to have some patience ;)

Have fun :)
Hi Zappe, I had v.33 but just uploaded to v.40. The polar is still very tiny in terms of numbers. They are about 3 or 4 font size I think. Very tiny on the Galaxy S4.
I have Android version 4.4.2.
Possibly center the boat and overlay the polar on the boat if feasible. Would help with the visual.

I also have trouble entering a - minus sign if typing a heading. I found have to use the polar and tap map to get a minus sign, then fine tune the heading with typing but not removing the - sign.

Anyway, love this little app.

Any thoughts about putting in more of HMM's tools? Such as his Delta tool, or the Other Boat data tool? http://sol.hmm.iki.fi/sollog/latest/###/?boats=

Perhaps AGages optimal angles tool with ability to select a bearing instead of just the default VMC to the next marker.
Or some way to show isochrones like the Wx Inspector.

Another handy thing would be to select a name from the leader board and have it find them on the map. very minor though.

I'll keep posting thoughts as I have them.

Awesome job, it's great.
First of all thanks for a great app!

I've noticed that the chat does not always load in v0.4. The panel stays grey when it doesn't.

It would also be awesome if the first DC position showed up as a marker along the predictor, similar to the orange marker in the Web interface.
Thanks for the app! Just loaded it on wife's Motorola X running v4.4.4 & on old Acer 100 tab running 4.0.3 both seem to run great!

It's great to hear that people are finding the app usefull.

About the improvement suggestions:

I think adding some marker on the prediction line to mark the next dc is a good idea and I will look into that when I get the time.

To center the boat and paint the polar at the boat location is absolutely feasible but quite a bit of work. Also sometimes you want to look at a different pice of the map from where the boat is when "aiming". But I understand that the small text is a problem so maybe I can put the text somewhere else on the map when showing the polar to be able to make it bigger.

I don't have any plans on adding more of hmm's tools right now. I don't want to bloat the app down with too many things (it starts to get a bit bloated as it is now, I think). But I can probably make exceptions if I get convinced there are more parts that would benefit greatly on being in the app.

You could possibly work the optimal angle functionality into the polar by letting the user select a bearing with a special button or something. But I don't know. I think the app should be as easy to use as possible and that kind of thing might confuse more people than it helps. But if someone has a good suggestion of working it into the GUI in a non confusing way I might implement it.

Isochrones like the wx inspector could ofcourse be implemented but it would be a lot of work that I don't think I have the time or the energy for right now. But maybe later.

Finding boats on the map from the leaderboard is something I will look into in the future (It should not be to much work but you never know until you do it).

About entering minus signs in the course field... It should be as simple as double tap on the "." sign at the virtual keyboard on a Samsung. At least thats how it works on my S3 and my friends S4.
The new DC marker works great! Big thanks!
Hi Zappe, the app is going better and better and you're doing a great job and thank you very much for that!! It's now very complete and easy to use (until not much features will be charged on it, and I also agreed with this point). I used it often in the last time and enjoyed for the utility.
Just another little thing, if you like: in the Avalon 8 I would find very useful to know the lost performance in a series of jibs I made, just to know when the 100% was reached for doing the next one....what do you think about?
I just noticed that if one sets a delayed command to a time that has already past, the command is executed immediately.

I discovered this when I attempted to set a DC for a few hours from now, on the other side of midnight, and forgot to update the date. This seems to have fired the DC when I pressed ok.

Perhaps a refusal to set DCs in the past would be good?

As a related feature request, I think it would be nice if it was possible to set the offset time of a DC, instead of the date. Maybe it could work similar to the web client that when the DC is added you set the delay, and in the edit dialog it's the date that is changed?
Hi Zappe,
Understood about the isochrones. Thanks the double tap for the minus sign works great. I eventually figured it out.
Somewhere in my training lesson on using it nearly exclusively for the SWE-FIN RAID.

I also caught the latest update and the VMG/VMC numbers are much more readable. Thanks a lot!
The boat search is great, and can find boats alphabetically.
The Perf is now there, awesome!
I also like race map loads when logging in and selecting the races from the drop down. Great to preview the races.

PS: I noticed the same about the DC.
Oops, I forgot to update the date to the next day and wham, but gybed early. Caught it and learned the lesson.
The DC pointer on the track is great and I noticed it too.

--- Last Edited by Renegade at 2014-12-23 18:30:50 ---
Short technical question from low rate band connection:

I notice a massive consumption of data volume during the VOR leg ( yes, I know... big grib area) and was wondering if there is a way to force the app to use the saved wx before to procede to a download at every start.

I have read before that the app is checking for a new wx every tot minutes.
Is it the grib file saved locally, I assume?
is it redownloaded again if I close the app and start it again after 5 minutes? (or a crash on telephone system whatever reason happen..)
Thanks for building it at first!

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