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Viva all SOLers.

Thank you zappe and all hands on this brilliant project.

Only problem I've found is to put a "-" (negative sign) on TWA inside delayed commands.
The graphic scale (moving circle) for advancing the WF is a bit … fast.
A numeric step defined by the user would be better (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hr, and so on till 6 hrs).

Keep on!

O.S.: Android 4.1.2
Sail Fair.
zappe has again made a new version of the client:


OK. There is a new verison out now 0.30

Changes in this version:
Fixed problem with - sign in the edit add dc
Fixed Wind arrow size in low winds. Should be possible to see the direction now.
Added a new page for the Hmm Sol log. Only shows rank, rank diff, dtl diff and dtf diff right now.
Added wind contour lines to the map. This can be pretty cpu heavy and it is still a bit experimental so it is disabled by default.
Added a new settings page. Allows you to change map type, enable wind contours, change wind arrow and contour density.

--- Last Edited by zappe at 2014-10-25 20:43:01 ---
I didn't try version 2, but I am very happy to report that Version 3 works on my Samsung Tab 10.1 running on android 4.0.4.

And improvements are very good - thank you zappe for all your efforts
I don't think I would want to do the Northwest Passage race via my Samsung Galaxy 4 Mini, but this is sweet. Thanks!
Great work fixing the bug in delayed commands, and improving the presentation for low winds. Good developments too in other areas. It is becoming my main interface to the simulation. I just need to add a routing algorithm!

Just wondering if the overlay used by sailonline for coasts (ie the often straight line approximation to fractal like coasts) is now missing from the maps? I am pretty sure it was there in .25 when I did the NZ Coastal classic as I ended up on the beach! but I can't see it now in .30 eg in RTW around Fernando de Noronha? I could be wrong, maybe it is in one of the other overlays now available in settings, but I couldn't find it?

What IDE are you using to code btw? ADT/Android Studio or one of the many unsupported environments, also Java or another language? Are you using GIT to manage revisions?


NZL Sunburst

--- Last Edited by NZL Sunburst at 2014-10-27 08:08:21 ---
VenerRace Apr 08 165
There appears to be a bug (or a feature..) that the client only loads the coast lines near your boat.

If you choose map type "None" from the settings, this is quite apparent, unless you happen to be middle of the ocean when there might not be any coast lines near you.

For the shorter races where you are not out in the ocean, the maps work fine.
About the sol coast line... As Hmm pointed out the app is only loading the map tile you are on and 2 tiles in every direction and since the maptiles are 1deg in lat and long you can "see" 2.5deg around you if you are in the middle of your tile. This is a "feature" or at least by design because painting a lot of polylines makes zooming and panning very slow. Actually it is not certain that all the polylines for all the loaded tiles will be drawn either, there is a limit of 500 map polylines. So the map tiles will be prioritised based on your heading and the distance to your boat and then drawn in that order until 500 polylines has been drawn. This will become apparent when we race through a dense archipelago the next time and different polylines will be drawn if you change course.
This is done to keep the map responsive but it might be a good idea to have the number of tiles loaded and the max number of poylines to draw as a setting in the future, even if it is a pretty advanced setting.

Yes I am using git, ADT and Java to develop this so it is more or less vanilla flavour Android development, as far as I know :)
A brilliant app, thank you for making it avalable to everyone. Its very easy to use, The wind slide is great much better than other apps. First class :)
Nice app zAPPe. I just got it up and running and made my first heading change with it. This is going to be very useful in helping me be on deck more.

Ideas for future things to include/tweak.
The boat polar that comes up with the star looking button is small and can't be zoomed. Minor issue as it's visually ok, just small.

Also, isochrones, and VMG/VMC headings would be nice to have in the future.
Especially the isohrones as they give a nice visual too.

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