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No right now it is not caching any sol data so every time you restart the app it will load everything again. The google map tiles is probably the only exception since they are cached by the google maps api itself.

This is definitely an area for improvement and I think caching of the wind file and sol map tiles is probably something I need implement pretty soon.

Yes the app is checking for new weather every two minutes but that is just a request to the server for the time of the weather file. The actual weather file is only downloded if the time is updated.

I thought I might post some stats from google play on the app right now.
It has now been installed by 119 different users (Not Candy Crush numbers but still) of those 98 is using the latest version.

Top 10 countries by users:
Sweden 20 16.81%
United Kingdom 14 11.76%
Netherlands 10 8.40%
United States 10 8.40%
Italy 7 5.88%
Germany 6 5.04%
Finland 6 5.04%
New Zealand 6 5.04%
Australia 4 3.36%
Spain 4 3.36%

Top 10 devices by users:
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (golden) 7 5.88%
Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte) 5 4.20%
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) 4 3.36%
Google Nexus 7 (2012) (grouper) 4 3.36%
Google Nexus 5 (hammerhead) 4 3.36%
Samsung Galaxy S4 (jflte) 4 3.36%
Samsung Galaxy S3 (m0) 4 3.36%
Samsung Galaxy S3 (m3) 4 3.36%
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (serranolte) 4 3.36%
Sony Ericsson Xperia Z (C6603) 3 2.52%
Others 76 63.87%

Android version:
Android 4.4 65 54.62%
Android 4.1 21 17.65%
Android 4.2 11 9.24%
Android 4.3 11 9.24%
Android 4.0.3 - 4.0.4 8 6.72%
Android 5.0.0 3 2.52%
Just uploaded a new version to google play version 0.44.
This version has caching of sol map tiles, wind data and the race images in the login screen.
I have also added text filtering of the boat searchlist that works abit like in the real client.

you are my hero!
Definitly we need a link on the home page pointing to google play directly.
by leg 4 we could will have 1000+ boats...
Hi. I have been using the app for a couple of days now and I think its great. Well worth the investment in a Galaxy Tab 8.4 S :)

Occasionally the area where the keyboard is comes up as a black space after the app has been minimized. Other than that, no issues.

In a future version, would it be possible to add:

Adjustment of the wind slider to 12, 24, 48... hours etc?

Buttons etc. to tap the wind forward in increments?

Great work. Very well done!

Good App Zapp
New version available 0.45:
Added a setting to change how many hour of weather you can slide through in the race view (6,12,24,48,96).
Added wind polar lines for the wind level below and above the current level to let you know how the polar will look in higher and lower winds.
I have installed the application on Samsung Galaxy Win. I am able to log into the race where I am registered to, but after 3 4 secs screen goes black and application restarts. Version is 0.45.

Any clue what may be going on?

Thanks. Marcelo.
I'm having issues with the latest update (0.46) on my Samsung Galaxy S5. After the weather has loaded I'm getting a lot of very large purple arrows/lines, and then the predictor line going of in random directions towards infinity. These arrows change whenever I scroll around or toggles the weather slider causing the predictor line to take a new directions, so I think they are weather arrows somehow?

See attached screenshot for how it looks like.

--- Last Edited by Bobbert at 2015-02-17 22:04:15 ---
I am getting the same purple lines that Bobbert reports on both my LG G3 phone and my LG 3 tablet.
Both are running Android 4.42

I'm also on Android 4.42

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