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Thanks for reporting, it's fixed and will be in next release
I've just notice a new issue in where the $GPWPL sentences, if they are the first sentences, are ignored and not longer printed in the Raw NMEA window. I decided to send them through multiple (4) times to make sure it is not a timing issue, and whilst they make the Raw NMEA window, the waypoints are not loaded or stored. Attached is a copy from the Raw NMEA window where the sentences have arrived but none of the waypoints have been loaded. Has just started in 5.4-9. The same waypoints are in the gpx file which loads fine (my workaround for now).

5.4 - 9 needs you to tick a box. "qtVlm/configuration/NMEA connections/ at bottom of that page tick the box 'Treat RMB messages (WP)' " and then your waypoints & finish line appear. Solution from Bimmer!
The introduction of pathways is great. In 5.4-8, you could convert a Route into a Pathway and visa versa. Seems to have been disabled in this version which makes constructing pathways a fair bit of work. Could you consider adding the import function to Pathways as well, using the same gpx format route file. Sample file attached.
I run multiple qtVlm installs ( up to four at any one time), each with a different boat polar. The ability to store all boat polars in one location where each instance of qt can read the polar information, rather than storing all the polars in each qt install would be useful. Providing a polar library location under Configurations would work.

I believe Windows supports something similar to symlinks now. You should be able to replace all but the original folder of polars by a symlink to the original folder of polars. At least that's how I've done it on linux for years.

Maybe this will get you started.
I ran a routing which ran out of grib. In converting to a route, the last waypoint created waqs reported as could not be reached, and as a consequence, Simplification would not work - error reported that route was frozen. Deleting the last waypoint (which then showed an end time) allowed simplification to work. Probably an issue in that the last waypoint should not have been created.

Maybe this will get you started.

Thanks Kroppyer, worked perfectly. Used this.

mklink /J C:\qT\qt3\polar C:\qT\polar
Maitai Hello, thanks for qtvlm, is wonderful.
I've to ask a question: can you explain the difference between "best performance" and "best accutacy"?
"Best performance" setting is "best speed"?
Thank you
Carlo Alberto.
I have a another enhancement request. The ability to tag waypoints as "leave to port" or "leave to starboard" that when encountered in creating a routing from the Pathway, the routing only pass through that waypoint if the waypoint will end up on the wrong side of the route as specified by the waypoint type. This means that the waypoint is effectively ignored and only comes into play if a routing ends up on the wrong side of the waypoint. For example, if the routing passes the port side of a "leave to starboard", the routing is dragged back to pass to starboard of the point. If the routing passes any distance to starboard, no adjustment is made.


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