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  • Re: Iphone problem mobile client
    Board » Technical Support
    I don't think this is just an iPhone problem only, I have had a similar problem on my Blackberry I could very really get any zoom at all and also if you refresh it returns to the log-on page. This has been the case for a very long time. a bit frustrating as I travel often and the mobile client is a way of guiding my SOL boat. Just recently this is now working but unfortunately the map is showing and error!
    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Sailplanner users can connect to brainaids NMEA proxy!!
    Board » General Discussion
    OK, this one I can fix, I think. Change ~ to $HOME. Or, if you already are at home, you can remove ~/ from your command.

    Something like this.
    socat pty,link=$HOME/dev/vty0,waitslave tcp:localhost:5010

    I'll try to edit my original post in case someone else would try and run into the same proplem.

    OK I think we are getting some ware. As much as I know (as I said thats not much) things in the terminal seem to be OK but in SailPlanner the NMEA setup gives a (6, 'SetupComm', 'Invalid handle') thanks for the help so far but I have to go now see you tomorow
    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Sailplanner users can connect to brainaids NMEA proxy!!
    Board » General Discussion
    OK, good so far. Infant you say, files starting with a dot are hidden. In the terminal you can list them with the command "ls -la", just in case you didn't know.

    To check if the proxy is working you kan try the command "telnet localhost 5010". Then you shall see the NMEA data coming. To exit telnet hit ^] (ctrl-altgr-9 then enterkey), at the telnet prompt type quit.

    If that goes well you can try the socat thing.
    Yeeha! Got the NMEA data running in the terminal Hitting the ^] did nothing nor did (ctrl-altgr-9 then enterkey) that is if "altgr" is the "Alt" key I just X the terminal and it said that if you do that it will terminate the process. OK I will come back to you on the next part
    Ok I have the NMEA Proxy Running and I then did the "$ mkdir ~/dev" thing but it told me it already exists,(I had already made it yesterday)
    Now when I enter:
    $ socat pty,link=~/dev/vty0,waitslave tcp:localhost:5010
    I Get:
    2011/01/16 21:55:02 socat2161 E symlink("/dev/pts/2", "~/dev/vty0"): No such file or directory
    and I am stuck again :(

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    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Sailplanner users can connect to brainaids NMEA proxy!!
    Board » General Discussion
    Thanks Stag I have the NMEA proxy going now step by step what is the next thing (yes you can consider me an infant with Linux)
    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Mobile Client on Blackberry Bold
    Board » Technical Support
    I have the same problem on my Bold 9700. come to think of it I had the same on my older Blackberry 8320 (model number approximate) Original on the 8320 it was working OK but at some point (and that was some time ago ( over a year) that it would keep bringing you back to the login page when you refresh or change map size

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    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Sailplanner users can connect to brainaids NMEA proxy!!
    Board » General Discussion
    Can anyone help me here I am totally new to Ubuntu/Linux, and I would like to get this going on Ubuntu, I need a step by step all this code is uncharted water for me but I have managed to run the NMEAproxy.jnlp by placing it on the desktop and right clicking it selecting 'Open With' then 'Sun Java 6 Web Start' I have also got the Sailplanner going but not connected and that is as far as I can go the COM port thing is where I am stuck. Thanks for the help
    Its the things like how do I "copy the NMEAproxy.jnlp file to ~/.netx/cache/http/sol.brainaid.de/sailonline/toolbox" that get me! I copy the code into the terminal and I get "bash: /home/edwin/.netx/cache/http/sol.brainaid.de/sailonline/toolbox: is a directory" then when I go to the file "/home/edwin/" I do not see the ".netx"
    This is not a complete tutorial, just the major steps I took to get my SOL position into Sailplanner on linux. Details are omitted, I just want to say it works (but not out of the box). I'm sure there are better ways, perhaps already reported in the forum.

    Try to start the brainaid proxy. It failed for me not passing an argument to the proxy.
    I had to copy the NMEAproxy.jnlp file to ~/.netx/cache/http/sol.brainaid.de/sailonline/toolbox
    Then I made it read only!
    $ chmod -w ~/.netx/cache/http/sol.brainaid.de/sailonline/toolbox/NMEAproxy.jnlp

    Then I tried again.
    $ javaws NMEAproxy.jnlp
    press start
    Horray, it worked. Lets create a virtual serial port connected to the TCP-stream.
    $ mkdir ~/dev
    $ socat pty,link=~/dev/vty0,waitslave tcp:localhost:5010

    Create com3 under wine using the new virtual serial port.
    $ ln -s ~/dev/vty0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com3

    Start Sailplanner under wine (assuming you already installed it)
    lock to nmea...
    select com3
    press check
    (perhaps you need to restart the virtual serial port if it died (socat))
    press OK

    Enjoy! Or at least I do:-)

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    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Game Feature Suggestions
    Board » General Discussion
    The divider/measure tool works a bit funky as it lays down a route but when clicking on the tool again the route disappears. This is not conducive to planning ones strategy easily. It would be better if the route you just placed down would stay there until you double clicked the tool or single clicked to add to the existing route set down or being able to set a second route to compare with the first.

    By the way welcome back all and thanks to the team for bringing back our SOL
    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Invited friends from Facebook to join
    Board » General Discussion
    I have just joined Facebook the other day and have found a lot of old sailing friends from the days I was in the yacht charter industry, I have just posted on my FB wall and invitation to them to give SOL a go, I wonder if this will get a big increase in members on SOL and hopefully SYC let's see. I have just got my brother on-board SOL you can welcome him and his boat RSEA By the way you can find me at eseaboat-facebook@yahoo.com
    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Oops this not woody
    Board » General Discussion
    sorry girls and guys I had just changed course for woody and forgot to log out
    Take it "ESEA" go sailing
  • Re: Warning for miss entered data Please
    Board » Technical Support
    Weather it gets implemented or not is no big deal to me. It is just a annoying at the time, in the end this is a just a game.
    As a designer I believe if you have ideas that could benefit others put it out there. So if Kalle and co are twiddling their thumbs doing nothing it could be something to keep them out of trouble

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    Take it "ESEA" go sailing


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