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Inco - what information do you still need for the Twisted race??
If you are referring to the link in Incognito's first post in this thread to the Google Earth Race Proposals PDF, you can find that file here:


I saved a copy there when someone else was having trouble opening it as well.


When I use that link, I just get "The file link that you requested is not valid."

I'm trying to propose a race that starts Friday 18th. Can anyone help??

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Although I have no Official capacity the Race Committee's file for Scheduled Races in June does Include the Newport - Bermuda event slotted for June 18th. (650 nm - VOR70)


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None so blind
"Excellent" [said in a Montgomery Burns stylee].
When I use that link, I just get "The file link that you requested is not valid."

Hi Baggus,

Fixed it.

Has anyone suggested following:
- Gotland runt
- Espoo-Suursaari race

Also some legendary (old one) would be nice...
Juhani - yeps SOL does race both these courses, in fact the Gotland is scheduled for next week!

SOL will probably be racing the Suursaari in August or September (at least SOL boats won't be damaged by strong winds as the IRL ones were this year!!).
you require us to sign up for that file sharing program/website just to submit a race proposal?
Fortunately it doesn't work anyway.
I get the same error messages others get.
Good thought though, for file sharing.
What now?
St. Lucie - Jupiter Ocean Racing Association (SJORA)
You don't need to join the yahoogroup nor any other Website for proposing races.

After Designing a race in Google Earth, you'll need to save it as a File to your Disk.
Then write a Posting in this Thread, as you have done for Florida Bahamas. Below your typing Window, you'll find a few Buttons. Click on the top most, choose your File and click "open" in the openend Window. You'll see your choosen Filename behind the Button. If you then Post your Topic, the File will be attached to it.

You don't need to open this Attachment. It wasn't really ment to be uploaded, but i couldn't avoid uploading it after choosing it before posting and i couldn't remove it afterwards, so be Carefull, what File to choose. ;-)

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Pb³ 2011 raced on F18 catamaran on coastal waterways of Estonia
Pärnu beach – Paralepa beach – Pirita beach
Start on Friday evening by 20:00 by UTC 29th of July 2011
BBQ with live music on every beach!
Race #??? NoR here.
WX Updates: ???.

Start at Pärnu beach:
+58° 22' 12.00", +24° 30' 0.00"
58.37000° N
24.50000° E

Paralepa mark leave to Port:
+58° 56' 39.05", +23° 30' 52.24"
+58.94418° N
+23.51451° E

Finish at Pirita beach:
+59° 28' 12.00", +24° 49' 33.60"
59.47000° N
24.82600° E

KMZ have not course line and finish line, how to create?

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Next Race: 00d 00h 00m

Current Races:

Melbourne to Hong Kong
After celebrating Christmas and New Year it is time for the second run in this year's Ocean Race Championship. After leaving Melbourne on this (about) 5.500 NM course, we will leave the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, all to port. And remember, once again we'll have to choose the best way to cross the Doldrums
Race #1658
INFOfrom brainaid.de
OD65v3 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Race starts: Feb 04th 05:00 Registration Open!

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Buenos Aires to Rio 2023

This year's second ARCH series race will run from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on a route designed by SOLer Vida_Maldita (under his former alias of zero) in 2013. This is a replica of a classic triennial race of 1200nm, first run in 1947. More information about this IRL race can be found here.
So, Bemvindo/Bienvenidos in this coastal classic and prepare your 90ft Monohulls well.
Race #1662
INFO by brainaid.de
90ft Monohull PARTICULARS
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Race starts: Feb 01st 18:00 Registration Open!

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Up Helly Aa 2023
A-OI!!! The cry should soon be ringing out in the streets of Lerwick as the Guizer Jarl and his crew, along with the other teams in the Up Helly Aa parade complete their preparations for the biggest fire festival in Europe. As is Sailonline's tradition, we shall be racing the 383nm from Aberdeen to Lerwick to (virtually) take part in the Up Helly Aa festivities there which take place for the first time since 2020 on Tuesday, 31 January. SAILING NOTE: Gruney may be approached from any direction but must be passed for rounding purposes as indicated on the chart.
Race #1660
INFO by brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
3 February at 2300 UTC
Race starts: Jan 28th 11:00 Registration Open!

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